Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, I thought we weren't quite finished with the weewee pads until this happened recently.  We had actually just come back in from outside, and I had left her in my office with a gate across the door.  I returned about twenty minutes later to find her looking like this!  Poor girl!  I think she's an outdoor-only gal now!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, my husband warned me that it would be coming - - - The hair.  The shedding.  The dust balls.  And here we are.  I admit it, I let Finn sit in the back seat of my car without even thinking about the fact that I had black seats.  I saw the seats every time I put her in there, but this abundance of fur seem to explode out of nowhere.  One day I was in the front passenger seat and turned around and saw it all - WHAMMO!  I even noticed hair on the back of the front seats from when she tried to climb from the back to front.

I've been reading up on this, and it seems some goldens don't tend to shed when they are puppies, or, in particular, during their first year.  We're just lucky I suppose!

Holy cow!  We need to get the vacuum out!

The culprit.  She watched me take the picture of the car
seat and is guilty!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What's on tonight?

Anyone else's pup do this?  Here we are (on my bed) watching Mildred Pierce on HBO Sunday night.  

Finn fell asleep by 9:30, I managed to make it through the two-hour start to the mini-series.

Daddy's Shoes

Even dogs know when they are doing something a little naughty.  We're not afraid to say say "no" to Finn, and she definitely knows that Mommy's and Daddy's shoes are off-limits.  But there's something about the way she grabbed one of Daddy's slippers that made us laugh so hard the afternoon she did this.  She had gotten it from our bedroom upstairs and just walked around so proudly with it.  She had no qualms walking right in front of us.  I love her little strut and the way she's showing off how she can go up and down stairs too.

Nothing wrong with breaking the rules every once in a while!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bully Sticks

She loves them!  And who can resist that face?
I was getting a little concerned about how many rawhide chewsticks I gave Finn.  I know there's a heavy debate about whether or not dogs should even have chewsticks, so I started to learn about bully sticks.  They are all natural and approved by the FDA, so I thought I would try them.  Finn loves them.  She can munch on them for an hour at a time, but there are some down points:

- They are a little on the pricey side.  An 18 inch bully stick will cost $8 at my local Petco.  

-  They let off a bit of an odor.  It's nothing rancid, but they do smell a bit.  Finn also needs a ton of water afterwards.

- They are tough for Finn to get her mouth around.  I usually have to hold it for her to get her started, and then she'll take it from me when she's ready to lay down (meaning, she's tired of standing while munching)

All that said, I wouldn't stop buying them.  Finn loves them, and how can I say no to that face?

That will re-harden once she stops munching.