Monday, April 30, 2012

The Offerings

Hewwow!  Finn here.  *he* *he* *he*

Here's a little something new I have been doing.  Drives the peeps nuts!

I bring back offerings to them when we go on our walks.

Yep, I pick up a stick and carry it back in my mouth for a good two blocks or so!

Why won't they let me bring them inside?!?

PS - Can you see me at the door on the inside looking at my gifts?!?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sans Souci County Park

"Sans Souci" - French for "Without Worries"  

You know when you think you are going to have everything under control and then it just turns out the complete opposite of how you would expect it to be?

For instance, going to a park with a name like "Without Worries" 
should be an enjoyable spring morning.


First, we couldn't find the entrance.  Yep, it's clearly marked, as you can see here, but I drove right past it.  And then went down a side street to try to find it and wound up parking in front of someone's house before I realized that I had to have missed the entrance.  And then that person came out and stared at me wondering why I was camped out in front of their house.  Thank goodness for my little foursquare checkin which told me I was about .6 miles from the entrance.  Oops.  Try again!

Okay, off we go.  Lovely hiking trails.

Except Finn just didn't want to go in.  Oh, she made a little effort...maybe trotted herself in about 300 feet.  And then turned around and went straight back to the car.  So, we tried again and again, but she just had no desire to go into the park.

So, we just spent the morning sniffing around the parking lot...

Letting the wind blow through our golden locks in the parking lot...

And then sniffing our way over to the fire department, located right next to the park...

And then dragging me back to the car.

No worries!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

True Color Thursday - Dots!

This week's challenge was to find a six different sets of polka dots!  Wow, this was so hard!

We were given two weeks to find our colors.
I didn't exactly look for white dots on the colors too.
I looked for the color being the dot.

And I had to get real clever and sneaky like...

(Subway stops are the red dots under the red line)

(Blue dots on these pillows)

(Three + purple dots on this woman's scarf)

(Ok, ok, but there is a green "dot" in the picture)

(Happy Graduation stuffed doggie)

(Dots on her backpack)

And I found Brown!
(Dots on one of my dresses)

I just have to say, after my last True Color posting, a lot of folks were wondering what the reaction was of the people who I was trying to capture in my photographs.  Gingham man thought I was photographing the women sitting behind him, and none of these people in today's post seemed to notice.

The people around me who see me make a mental connection and then grab my phone and take a couple of quick pictures, however, think I am on some sort of bad drug, I am sure!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Likeness Outtakes

When we were taking photos for the Rubie's birthday, we sure had a lot of fun, and plenty of outtakes!  Momma isn't much of a golden collector, but we do have a magnet with some goldens on it and the phrase "Happiness is Golden" so we went with that.  Enjoy the outtakes!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bark in the Park

One game a year, the NY Mets open a section of seating to dogs!  Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the North Shore Animal League.  We have been waiting very patiently, and watching the weather, and yesterday morning we were off to see the Mets take on the San Francisco Giants!  We were told to be at our gate by 12pm so we could go on a doggie parade around the warning track of the field.

So we got there.  And waited...

and met some serious Mets fans...

and waited....

and finally we got in!  And look who is hosting the ceremonies...Ron Darling!  (He was a Mets pitcher in the 80s).  I got within arm's length of him!  

Look at all the people who came out with their dogs!

Whoa!  We hung out and waited for the parade...

Here we go!

And then we were shown to our seats, but not before Finn met the other goldens at the park.

Finn laid down in the shade under our seats, and we got to enjoy the game!

And the Mets won!  5-4!  We were shocked!

Thanks to Natural Balance for our cool loot too!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Momma's New Toy

Momma got a new toy!  Momma's aunt moved and so she inherited this!  How cool!  I sniffed and sniffed and Momma thought it was just so cute how I was investigating the new piece.

She was completely missing that, ahem, my favorite fetch toy was TRAPPED!

Humans, sheesh!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bald Hill

Well, the vet told us that Finnie was fat, and not the kind with a "ph", although I certainly think she's phat, but I digress.  So, we must get more exercise!  Off to a new place we go!

I drove past Bald Hill one day and wondered exactly what is was.  
After a little googling, I discovered it is one of the tallest points in our area.  
A Memorial was built here in 1991 as well.

Pretty! Well, essentially, the park is a large hill, go figure.  And the memorial is on top.

But another new place to sniff and poke around!

If that's not a "Thanks-Momma-for-taking-me-here" face, then I don't know what is!

Anyway, so hopefully we'll be getting in plenty of new 
walks soon as we begin Operation Phat!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Newest Bedtime Routine

So Finnie will hear Momma doing her teeth cleaning routine
and she meets Momma at the door to the bathroom so she can
get herself in the tub....

Then Momma runs the water and she just tries to drink it from the faucet...

Yes, I am wet, woman, don't bother me with your photographs...

Then she taps, taps in the water and attempts to drink what she splashes...

Then Momma starts to drain the water and Finnie wonders
the water is leaving...

And then we dry ourselves off...

And wait until tomorrow to do it all again!  Fun times!!