Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Sleepy Time...

I don't have any photographs to illustrate my point, but I have a question I could use some advice on...

Finn usually starts to doze off at about 7pm (we're up at 5am for work, so I figure this is alright).  She'll fall asleep first under the stairs or under the dining room table, then after twenty to thirty minutes, she'll get up and move into the crate we have for her in the kitchen.  Then after another twenty minutes, she'll come over and put her head on the couch to come up and sit there, (we allow her to sit on one of the cushions on the couch which has her blanket on it) and then she'll jump down and fall asleep at our feet by the couch.  When it's bed time for us humans, she follows us upstairs to her bed in our bedroom, so she's changing into five different positions!

This happens every night.

I've been trying to read about dog's sleeping habits, but I haven't found anything on this kind of moving back and forth.  Is this normal?  Advice?  Just let the sleeping dog lie?


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  2. I usually fall asleep next to where ever Mum is sitting, then move a little further away and then at 930 go to my own bed. And sometimes I wake up in my crate or on the floor in the living room. I think Finn is totally normal.

  3. She probably is the type who either gets easily bored sleeping in one place or she just likes moving around. I think this is nothing to be worried about. It's normal. We move around too looking for nice, cool surfaces to lie down on.

  4. Sounds perfectly normal to me - dogs in general don't sleep in one spot, I know Reilly moves around all night, he get warm so will move to the cold floor, then back to the carpet, under the window, and so on.

  5. Ok, this makes me feel much much better! Thank you!


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