Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sock Attack

I'd like to thank everyone for their insight on my separation issues with Finn!  You all had some interesting points, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my super long post and share your thoughts with me.  I'll keep you all posted on my $7 replacement toy effectiveness as time goes on!

On a lighter note, we have always had some problems with Finn munching on our clothes.  Usually she'll help me bring down my pjs in the morning after I take them off, she finds our baseball caps and carries them around, and she's always up for a round of eat-the-shoe.

She took it to a new level yesterday when she proceeded to undress her dad for her most favorite piece of clothing of all...the socks!!  I heard an "OW" from the other room and knew she was up to trouble!  I know it's hard to tell from these pics, but she was literally trying to pull the socks off the foot.  Oh Finn!


  1. Way to go Finn!! Socks are my favourite thing in the whole world, I even wait for them to come out of the washing machine wet, however the best days are when SHE accidentally drops one on her way to the washer. Boy that can be hours of fun being chased around! Most everything is kept out of our reach which is easier as we're not as tall as you. Dex and Lou xxx

  2. The sock monster strikes again ! They seem to live in so many households including mine !!! You go Finn - we know you were only trying to catch it

  3. Hey Finn,
    I am having a bit of trouble with blogger, but I have the email address for the contest on it now. Yeah, I am glad you are entering.


  4. We actually use DH's retired clean socks as toys. We ball them up and the dogs love using them. They pull the balls apart sometimes and even have tug-o-wars with each other. They are their favorite toys. What I find amazing is they haven't taken to increasing their supply with our current socks.

  5. socks,shoes,and rugs are the pups favorite. we have to keep all shoes put away in the closet with the door closed or up high, by the backdoor when we need to go outside. rugs, well if they haven't been destroyed they were taken to another room where they aren't allowed in without supervision.

  6. Nice work, Finn! When my parents first adopted me, I had a thing for shoes. In the night, I would collect all their shoes from around the house and bring them to my doggie bed.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. That's so cute! I hope Finn doesn't eat the socks! My old dog (he's passed away) used to pick my cousin's socks (while she stayed with my family) and dump it at the far end of the garden...we found out why.....her socks stink!! Poor Roy probably had to gulp down the whole bowl of water to wash the stink out of his mouth. :p

  8. Finn, I done chewed my mom's favorite crocs to pieces!! Tee-hee... if you feel you need further instruction, just ask!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  9. We enjoyed our visit here! :)

  10. Jack is always up to play eat-the-shoe game too!
    I loved socks and shoes when I was a little pup!



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