Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Momma's FAIL

I was so busy buying pressies and making cakes for a certain dog's birthday 
last week, that in the midst of it, I made an epic FAIL.

One of the gifts I bought for Finn was this

The folks who bought it raved about it!  Their dogs begged them to fill it up and 
let them play with it.  So, I went for it.  When it came, I stuffed it with our usual treats, but since we're still using puppy sized treats, they fell out too easily,
 as in - fell out before I even put the ball on the floor.  

FAIL on Momma's part for buying a toy before looking for the matching treats!!!

I went to the pet store and tried to size up bone-shaped treats that would fit into the little slot and found these:

Look, perfect bone size, seemed like a healthy natural product.  And all the Kong treats I looked at in the pet store weren't bone shaped.  And therefore, I incorrectly surmised, would not fit into the bone shaped holes in the ball.

These treats I bought in the store are just small enough that they fall out a little too easily too.  Like one push with the paw and one roll of the ball and the treat is out.  

Then I went back and looked at the picture online and saw that I'm just supposed to 
buy the Kong-shaped Kong treats and stuff them sideways into the 
bone-shaped holes in the ball.  

Ughghghhggg.  Ever notice that what seems like a good idea at that instant moment in time never really turns out to be a good idea?  

I'm making three trips to the pet store for this stupid ball!  FAIL!  And, when I bought the proper treats, and tried them out in the ball, it took Finn all of about five minutes to get them out.  FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Momma's rant is over now.  We'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute Finn pictures and stories next time.  She just had to let that all out.  Thank you.


  1. LOL You could try gluing the treats in with something like peanut butter and freeze. When we had that toy we used super huge bone shaped treats and jammed them in. The 2 brown dawgs could eat the ends, but then had to work a bit to get the middle out.

    Of course they figured out pretty quickly that if you slobber all over it (to soften) and then bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce (you get the idea) will eventually fall out.

  2. LOL I have one of these toys and ended up sticking a nylabone through it to make it a more interesting toy...The nyla bone is still in it today but Haylie carries it around and loves it.

  3. Yes - I agree with 2browndawgs - we've used really large hard treats in a kong which need jamming in and our mini schnauzers just lick and lick at them to try and get them - eventually the treats fall apart but it does take time :-)

  4. Hey Finn's Mom!
    Wow, great rant! BOL I can't blame you for being frustrated. But, you see we secretly pay off the toy companies to do things like this so that we clean up. You bought all those boxes of treats which will taste just great in or out of a kong. Teeheeehee It's a dog joke! ahem. Sorry.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. Woof! Woof!The only KONG toy I have is the "original" where you stuff it it with PB, cheese and treats. YES there are time it is hard to take it out ... but that's the idea of it. great for the jaw and keeping occupied. so Don't be frustrated ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Hahaha! From what I read, if Finn is too good at getting the treats out, you may want to use some peanut butter to get them better "stuck". Good luck!

  7. I always find ways to shove treats in. The harder it is to get in, the harder it is to get out :)

    Stop on by for a visit!

  8. Sorry that didn't work out so well. We have never tried any of the Kong items because Chancy doesn't like anything made of hard material. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Well you certainly get an A for effort. We have found most of these toys don't work for Oskar with the exception of the Holy Roller. It hold a Milk-Bone perfectly and takes a little work to get it out.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. hehe Our Mom can identify with that! She bought a hide-a-squirrel toy thinking it was just the thing to keep Kayla entertained for hours - as she had read somewhere. HA! No one here has paid it one bit of attention.

    The Road Dogs

  11. I like the pb idea. My dogs are not too into kongs but I know many dogs love them. Our guys just give up

  12. I bought my boys kong toys and they weren't much interested in them at all. I finally realized why - they're on the heavyish side for a toy and my boys are very picky about what they like. They wouldn't have anything to do with them at first. And once the treats were gone, their interest in the kong was gone.

  13. Sorry for the frustration. I hate when the toys aren't compatible with regular treats.

  14. That's too bad about the toy! Pip's never been very interested in those toys either.

  15. Been out of town, so missed Finn's big day. Wishing her a very happy and healthy first birthday, and many many more!! That cake looked really yummy and I'm sure she loved it. Give her a birthday hug and tummy rub!
    I bet she will love running thru a big pile of raked leaves in the weeks to come! Fall leaves make a beautiful backdrop for a "golden" picture...

  16. BOL! A shopping nightmare! Bet Finn just hated having to try out all your 'fails' ;) Hilarious!

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Hey Finn, result on the extra treats front then my friend!
    Your Mom should have checked with us, we could have told her this would eb another expensive toy relegated to the bottom of the toy box - we have every treat dispenser going and she has yet to find one to keep us occupied for more than five minutes bol!!
    The best so far has been soaked kibble stuffed hard into a normal knog and then frozen - that took some work!!

    Dex and Lou xxx

  18. Sorry about that toy. Better luck next time.

  19. Hey I wouldn't call it a fail--you've just gotta try some different treats for maximum mental challenge!

    We have the pyramid-shaped version of that, with just one hole--takes quite a bit of batting around to make the snacks fall out. Why not just use large biscuits broken up into irregular shapes?

  20. LOL, that sure sounds like something that would happen to me. Just chalk it up to a good lesson learned. Read the darn small print. What a pain. Actually I got one something like that for the cats and they were scared to death of it. So ours was a huge FAIL too. Take care.

  21. Finn, wow, looks like the kong toy really worked in your favor. You got tons of treats now. Way to go!

  22. We understand completely. Us cats have a tried and true method for driving Mom crazy. If she buys us a present we don't pay any attention to it but go nuts for the bag or box it came in.

    PS: Mommy is getting tricky though. Now she is buying herself presents and just giving us the box it came in. THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSE TO WORK!


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