Friday, June 15, 2012

My Effing Morning

Allow me to rant.

Now, I don't have any human children, but I do recall, as a child, when I told my Momma that I didn't feel well and she established that I was sick enough to stay home form school, she called the pediatrician and made an appointment for me to go see him THAT DAY.  Every time.  Every friggin time.

Why does this concept not apply to my vet??  I love my vet, I really do, but getting in to see him is becoming a problem.

Finn had been a little blue all week.  Just not her peppy self.  We chalked it up to it getting hotter, us being gone for long days, just missing us.  Well, this morning she didn't eat her breakfast AND she wouldn't get up for her walk, so I decided this was an emergency and she needed to see the vet.

The vet opens at 8am.  I called (well first at 7:45, 7:52, 7:55, and 7:59 - doesn't ANYONE GET THERE ONE MINUTE EARLY?!) and then at 8:01.

"Levittown Animal Hospital (this is my vet - he is one of two guys we see here) please hold."  I held for 5 minutes.  Still holding, I call with my cell phone.  "Levittown Animal Hospital, please hold."

"Wait," I interrupt.  "I have an emergency."  I break into tears.  "My dog..." explanation follows with gobs of tears.  "Please, I beg you, can I come in today?"

"Please hold."

She comes back 3 minutes later.

"You can come in at 9:15."  Can you be here at 9:15?"

"Well, I live an hour away" (and thinking to myself, IT IS RUSH HOUR IN ONE OF THE MOST MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREAS OF THE COUNTRY) "So I am leaving now."

"If you can't make it by 9:15, don't bother coming because we are booked all day."

Now, I think to myself.  If I called at 8:10 and someone else got this appointment before me, would they not allow me in?  You betcha.  Remember last time they wouldn't make me an appointment?

We made it to the office on time.  I was told by the front desk I made great time.  Huh, really b*tch, I wonder why.  And it turns out Finn has a fever and got a little infection from another dog.  This week, we had taken her to both the groomer and the dog park, so she could have gotten it anywhere.

My point is, what can I do about my little situation at the vet?  Are all vets like this?  Only available for scheduled rabies shots and surgeries?  Am I destined to bend over for the emergency vet (which is a lot closer to us, but just super shady) every time Finn gets sick and we need some advice??

She's on antibiotics and sleeping soundly now, so I am sure she will be fine.  Me however - completely different story.  What gives?!

And the worst part of it all is, I THANKED the woman at the desk "for squeezing us in today."

Ugh, I hate myself.


  1. Grrrrrr, that doesn't sound like a good situation. We know its tough to change vets, but perhaps its time to look fur a vet closer to home for emergencies like this?

    We're fortunate to live near a clinic with several good vets - sometimes we do have to wait to see our favorite Drs, but we can always get in to see someone. Mom & Dad say they're a little most expensive, but its worth knowing they are closeby & always available.

    Sending Sibe Vibes to Finn, hope she feels better fast!
    Snooter kisses,
    Jack & Moo

  2. Oh I feel for you indeed. My best pal Pip who is a bit ancient was sent home after being told she needed a load of unnecessary tests without any antibiotics. Turns out she had pneumonia and after causing a stink she was given the @@@##!! tablets two days later after becoming very ill. Needless to say owner got hold of the head of the practice who was mortified and the vet concerned was given a good dressing down. Here if you are insured all they want to do is expensive treatments and they don't even bother with the basics. We are onto them now! I am sorry for you and understand your anger and too right! Is there not a vet nearer to you? What happened to the caring vet?
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh! This is so frustrating! There weren't any other vets at the clinic that could have seen him? At least they would have sympathized with you a little bit! They should understand your concern and be concerned too! Seems like it might be time to find a vet with a better staff. I feel lucky, the few times I've had to call on short notice my vet has been very nice and worked me in that same day, either with the vet my doggies normally see or with another vet there.

  4. Mommy feels your pain!!!! Look for a new vet!!! Mommy thought she was stuck to the vet closest to her house -- but she realized there is another vet a little further away --- but has longer hours. Now at least she has an alternate in an emergency. We hope Finn is feeling better real soon!

  5. Oh that's so frustrating! I'm sorry you had to experience that! :(

    Have you tried looking up reviews on vets in your area on May be time to do some research because if you're paying to take your dog to their animal hospital, then you and your pup deserve to be treated rightfully so.

  6. That doe3sn't sound like a very good vet clinic, but the problem seems to be more with the receptionist than the actual care. That person has no business being in a job where she is dealing with people, IMO and especially ones that are worried about their pet's health. They don't appear to have an ounce of compassion. If there are any other vets within a similar drive I would check them out. If not, IDK what you can do. I probably would have told the vet how I was treated by the receptionist, but not sure it would do any good. I sure hope Finn is okay!

  7. We have to agree with Julia. Vets are very busy but they should have listened to you. It is so frustrating when you have a sick animal and they can't fit you in. I am very lucky in that the vets know me and try their best to fit me in when I have a sick one.
    Don't hate yourself. It makes you want to pull your hair out.
    Hope Finn feels better really soon.

  8. That does sound very perturbing! I am pretty sure my vet would just fit me in, at least enough to get a temp, draw some blood, etc. Wilson had a hideous bout of diarrhea one time and ended up so dehydrated he couldn't stand up. I called and they took us straight in. Fortunately, I live one mile from the office so it's quite convenient.

    Hope Finnackles is feeling much better.

  9. That's not a nice experience. I'm not sure how it works in the US but I keep reading about having to make appointments before turning up.
    Here, depending on who needs to go and why, I sometimes call ahead to make sure the vet I want to see waits for me. Otherwise, it's just a matter of turning up at the vet and waiting to be seen.
    We hope Finn gets back to her usual self before the weekend is up. :)

  10. We have a fabulous vet. She actually came in on Easter Sunday to care for Socks (there was no ER VET nearby then, now they do refer you to the ER Vet if it is after hours). But as long as someone is @ the office they will see you even if they has to stay a little late.

  11. Oooooh, that doesn't sound good at all! My vet is not like this. I would think about changing vets, because you deserve better customer service than that! Hope Finn will be feeling better soon!

  12. Get a new vet. I have dealt with vets like this and I switched to a more accomodating one. You can us a local vet for emergencies like this and bloodwork and the like and then use a vet that may be more booked up but also more specialist for anything big that comes along. I really hope Finn is feeling better

    urban hounds

  13. First, I am so sorry to hear that Finn has been ill and paws crossed that he feels better very soon.

    Second, I would have been furious, too. That is so wrong on so many levels. I have never experienced that, though. My Vets throughout the years have mostly been country vets and they are the most accommodating Vets I have ever encountered. My current country Vet even makes house calls! A couple weeks ago I called at 10 a.m. because I noticed Suka was dripping blood and he came to my house at 1:30 p.m. to check Suka and give him a shot and some meds. Totally fit me in between his other patients. So I cannot imagine a Vet telling me they could not see me in an emergency. I am so sorry you went through that. I definitely think you need to change Vets immediately. He may be good, but the peace of mind by knowing your Vet will be there for you in an emergency is priceless.

    Good luck to you. And Finn, our thoughts and prayers are will you, sweetie! Sorry you are sick.

    Suka and K

  14. We were sorry to read about Finn but glad she is sleeping and has her tablets and will hopefully be better very soon to come and have a Bordoggy Biscuit with me! We too have our vet for general things nearby but you do have to queue - but for emergencies we would have to travel about 25 mins - but then we were not keen on a few of the more local ones, so it's a hard one, but we think you did Finn proud to get her seen in an hour, getting yourself there and back and coping with the stress of everything - and at least when you thanked them when leaving it might just put the receptionist in a frame of mind to be more helpful to the next person? Love Barnie and Mummy2Legs x

  15. Lots of AireZen is coming your way, Finn! What a frustrating day for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. I know what you mean. ALL of the verts we have tried out just don't care about the animals. All they care about is either the almighty dollar or circle of comfort. It is SO frustrating. And almost all of the receptionists behave like they are doing us a major favor.

    When i volunteered at a vet last summer I decided I would never leave one of my pets alone at a clinic again. I was shocked by what I saw.

    But we are glad Finn is doing better.

  17. OMD that is terrible service. I'm not suprised at all by your rant. I do think some vets are in it for the money sometimes, and that some staff don't realise what our fur kids mean to us.

    Glad Finn is on the mend though and it is nothing to sserious

    have a great weekend.


    P.s We are SO sorry we are behind on all your posts, we have been kept really busy lately :(

  18. Oh, Finn's mum, I'm sorry you had to go through that. That is not good at all. I would look for another Vet if possible or as others suggested speak to your Vet regarding the Receptionist. WTF was she doing having you on hold for 5 mins anyway? We have lived in a few different areas during our life and one Vet was a nightmare. I'm sure she was a nut job. She plastered our pups leg after he was hit by a car (after escaping) and then told us he would have to be crated for 8 weeks. She also suggested maybe, we should let her have our dog!! After two weeks, our pup was going mental wanting to get out and play (it was a front leg) and we took him to another Vet cause we disliked the first one so much. He felt the plaster, told us it was still damp! and then took it off, X Rayed the leg and said as it was a greenstick fracture, it had already healed! Sheesh, needless to say we didn't go back to the first idiot.

    We hope Finn is feeling much better, and you too. Maybe go and visit another vet just to greet and meet without Finn being ill. Do you know Honey the Great Dane? She has moved a lot and always visits a few vets first off to get a 'feel' for the place. Take care all. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  19. We have a great vet here. But when he is not on duty, he is NOT ON DUTY! We do have a back up in town that we will see, and a great ER vet about 45 minutes away, but it can still get crazy.

    Mommy says she would look for another vet too if she was you!

    Hope Finn feels better soon! And you can get some rest. I know how you Mommies worry about us!

    Doggy Kisses,m

  20. Hope Finn feels better soon!

    Are there other vets in the area? Maybe get recommendations from friends and look into other options? We've never been turned away from the vet but mom can drop me off there and they will look at me when they can, then mom picks me up after work.

  21. I wish you were closer - I have a very awesome vet who makes times for emergencies, even if we are stressing over something simple. She is great with the dogs, understanding with the people, and if you are a few minutes late you may have to wait but she will still get you in. I think that is getting rare though.

  22. ...and....

    We hope Finn feels better soon!


  23. I think it's time to try and find another vet. If we have any kind of emergency (even just a stubbed toe), our vet tells us to come in right away. There have been a few times when something has happened to one of the dogs just before vet closing time. If I call right when they're closing, I'm told to come on in and he stays after hours to see us. There are vets who just want the money and vets who really care about our pets. We're lucky to have one that cares.

  24. You've gotten some really good thoughts from everyone, and so I'll be brief in mine...But I would mention your problems getting in to the vet. Having worked in a dental office for more than 20 years, I can tell you that the doctor is pretty clueless about what goes on at the front desk--At my vets office it's the same thing. When I was having a problem getting in to see my vet, I mentioned it to her, and never had the problem again. But the bottom line is, is that if you aren't able to get in at times like today when it's an emergency, you should perhaps try to find an office where you can....I know it's hard when you really like them....But I so hope Finn feels better!!!

  25. I hope is feeling much better now.
    It is not easy to deal with that kind of people.
    My Vet is great... but sometimes his assistant is not very nice but my mom makes sure to let him know about it!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Nope, all vets are NOT like this. I think you need to find a new vet - maybe one closer and who is more flexible. Seriously, there's no excuse for this!

  27. Sorry to hear that Finn is under the weather. In our area, we're fortunate there are 5 vets within a 5 mile radius so if our regular vet can't see us we go to the backup vet.
    Hope you can find a good vet close to where you live.
    Take care Finn.

  28. I really hope Finn feels better soon. It's so hard when our fur babies are feeling under the weather.

    Everyone else has already covered my thoughts, so please just know that all of us at ruled by paws are thinking of you and Finn.

  29. We are so sorry to hear about hard-to-get-appointment stuff and hope that Finn will recover soon. It is the same over here, half way around the globe. The 'better' vets are almost always fully booked and we just have to 'wait for our turn' :(

    Hugs and kisses to Finn and Finn's Mom,

  30. I an really relate to this. I haven't found a true compassionate vet yet, just ones in it as a business.
    Years ago, I remember bringing my dog to several different vets and no one had an answer, no one. It was a desperate search. I'd walk her and she'd stop and need to be carried home.
    One day they just put her to sleep. I'm sure of that.I think they just got tired of seeing us so often.
    I'm glad you're feeling better and your Ma & Pa will soon feel better, it's the upset caused by their bad attitude. The way they handled your call is terrible.
    Hope you have a better week ahead.

  31. We hope you find a new vet. Our vets are really good with squeezing us in. They also call back (after hours) immediately! We are in a small town though. When in Phoenix it's a different story...Mommy really had to hunt for a good vet's office. We hope Finn is getting well now that she is on meds.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  32. I'm so sorry about Finn. I sure hope the antibiotics help and she starts feeling better. I'm also sorry about your vet. We are very lucky. Our vet is an old time vet that is family run and you can get a hold of 24/7. They have an answering service that will get a hold of one of their vets and have them meet you at their office, if need be they will come to your house! I sure hope you can find a vet can cover emergencies too. That is just ridiculous what you went through. Any good vet knows that our dogs are one of our kids too!

  33. Finn's Mom....
    Oh my gosh!! What a frightening and frustrating experience for you!! It never should have been like that. Never. I mean, what if Finn were dying? Doesn't the word "emergency" mean anything to them? If Finn were dying, and only they would know, then with all of your waiting, she could have passed away!! Sorry.... Now I am on a rant. They must be contagious!! ;op
    You are a good owner, and I am glad that Finn is doing better. ;)
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  34. Oh poor Finn. I hope she is feeling better soon.

    We used to go to a vet like yours. Only they stopped seeing patients at about 2 in the afternoon so I always had to take off work, even for non-emergencies. When we got the brown dawgs we got a new vet. Actually it is the vet clinic my parents used for our pets growing up. It is walk-in (which means there are times you may wait), but they have several vets and usually at least two working at a time. Their hours are 9-9 M-F and they have Saturday and Sunday hours (but I can't remember what they are just now). You can ask for the specific vet you want to see if you have a favorite, for example for Storm's surgery I asked for a specific vet because as vets go Storm likes her about the best. But really all the vets are competent. I have been so happy since we changed.

    As for emergencies like Thunder's bloat last year, we also have great a 24 hour vet hospital nearby. Sure it is going to cost, but in an emergency, it is good to have the option. Maybe there is another emergency vet in your area? We have several.

  35. I think it's time to find another vet who is more reliable and lives close to you.

    Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Disgraceful.

    Big hug,

    The Missus

  36. I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience but I'm relieved to hear that Finn is doing better.

    As for your vet, I STRONGLY recommend you find another one. I know you like and trust the one you have and that the problem is with reception, but I still think you should look. There is something in the environment at that clinic that allowed the problem with reception to grow, something that allows it to continue, and something that is not solving the problem fast enough.

    Here's the thing (and I know this because my partner was a vet technician and worked in clinics for many years), Reception's job is not to cure the animal, it's to calm the animal's companion. Their job is to alleviate your fears, reassure you, even on the phone, from the moment you call. Reception at your vet is obviously failing to do this. In fact they're contributing to your anxiety, which poor Finn is picking up on. Keep this in mind.

    I thought I had the perfect vet but it turns out I didn't. I talked to some other dog lovers about their vets and decided to try one out. Lo' and behold, I found one who is probably the best vet I've had. I'm very lucky and thankful that I kept my eyes and ears open. Talk to people you trust about their vets. Visit a great organic specialty store and see if they have a list of doctors they recommend (that's how I found mine, through the good people at Hero's Pets, which I'm always writing about on my blog). Give it a try. Don't mess around with Finn's health and your sanity. You deserve better than that. I promise.


  37. I think you have to find another Vet !
    Poor Finn, I hope she is feeling better now.

  38. Poor Finn. Carla, the boys and I were celebrating our anniversary and I did not make it on here this weekend. Glad to here she did get the treatment she needed, the King needs his 'East Coast Girl' to be 100%. Anyway, I have had only one serious emergency with Gopher. I called much the same as you, which made me laugh. When I spoke with the Tech and told them the situation their first question. "Do you think he can wait another 45 minutes or does he need fluids now?" I felt he could wait. They tell me they will call right back and they do in 10 minutes. It turned out that our vet was 'out', and had to drive in but could be there in 30. We set the appointment and beat him there by five minutes. After he diagnosed and got Gopher on treatment (pneumonia) we went home and cared for our boy. I found out on the follow up (2 days later and free) that he was at his child's basketball tournament and left it to take care of Gopher. This is not uncommon around here, and I would suggest taking the time to shop for another veterinarian.

  39. We are glad Finn is doing better but we have to agree with everyone else. You were not being treated fairly by your vet. And Finn deserves the best treatment. I could not imagine having to do all that waiting then have an hour drive to get there. Mine is like 10 minutes away and has even given us his personnel cell # to all if emergency on the weekends. He knows how much I hate the E-Vets in our town, plus I would never get my dog back because they charge 100% more than the normal vet.

    Good Luck and we are so glad Finn is doing much better.

    Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  40. I'm so sorry you had to experience this during a very stressful situation! Mommy says you should think about looking for another doctor's office. They should accommodate you when you have an emergency.

    Hope Finn's better!! :)

    Woofs & huggiesss! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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