Friday, July 6, 2012


So, my Momma and I were out last weekend having breakfast.  She isn't really a dog fan, but she understands that Finn is the grandchild I have produced for her, so she plays along.

"How's the boyfriend Finn has in Singapore?" she asks.  (Cody, where are you??  We miss you!!)

"I don't know," I say.  "They haven't been posting in a while.  But, we are planning a dog and cat Olympics.  People signed up for different sports they are going to host.  I am doing the Closing Ceremony!"  (I share TOP SECRET details of the ceremony with her.  She cannot be bribed, don't try!)

"When are you having the Olympics?"

"During the actual Olympics.  We are very organized."

Now, she begins to look at me kind of strangely.  She tilted her head to the side and asked me if I was okay.

"Yes, I am fine.  Here," I say as I pull out some pictures on my phone.  "This is Finn breathing on our front door for Nose Art, this is Finn drawing us for the Draw Your Peeps event.  And this is Finn wrestling with the bathtub.  See?  All the events are like dog-related."

Mom took a sip of her coffee and changed the subject.  Probably to my brother's children, you know, human kids.

Now, I ask you.  Have you ever tried to explained Blogville to non-Blogville residents?  Do these folks then feel your forehead to see if you have a fever?  Do they look at you sideways?  Do they ask you if you are alright?  I think it's hilarious!  I remember when Sprinkles was doing an Anthropology class project, and she was going to argue in her paper that Blogville was its own culture.  I gave her some examples of how I thought this was true!  And now, seeing my mother's reaction, it is more true to me than ever!

So, how do your loved ones react when you explain Blogville to them?


  1. Oh, ALL the time.
    Hubby humors me but he snickers until tears well up in his eyes.
    My parents used to say I was nutty (in a good way) until my nephew discovered my blog and loved it and since he reads it while at my parents, they end up reading it too and when they come over, they go like, hey, Boomer DOES have a strawberry nose! Or something related to the blog. Heh.

  2. Too funny! We haven't told too many people about our blog -- because they tend to look at Mommy in a funny way too. Our Grandma accepts it, she knows it makes Mommy happy. In Grandma's wording -- it's like having pen-pals, but just on the computer. Grandma even points out times when she thinks Mommy should take pictures of us too! Oh and we can't wait to see the closing ceremony -- but it's taking us forever to get a picture of us sitting. Mommy even resorted to using dog treats to try to get us to sit -- we are loving these games --- so many treats, butt so little time to practice!!!

  3. Ha! Yap, Mom says she gets a lot of 'smiles and nods' when she tells peeps I have my own blog. BOL! Family wise, they enjoy the blog because it keeps them up to date on what Mom and I have been up to and they get a laugh or two sometimes as well ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Bemused pity I think sums it up for non animals owners and HOL for all animals who have a human. Have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hi Finn,
    My Annie doesn't have her own blog but does feature on mine quite a lot. I've just been through Annie's photos and she doesn't do sitting... lying down, standing, running, but not sitting! Will have to try the dog treat trick when her Dad gets home from work :-)

  6. Hey Finn's Mom!
    Wow, we get the same kind of response from most peeps. They just don't really get it. Mom has a few co-workers who follow now, and the big fundraiser for the Houston Pittie Pack that made over $8,000 got a lot of Mom's friends to pay attention. That somehow made us more real to them. Mostly, I feel bad for peeps who don't give us a chance to enrich their lives. Blogville is a much sweeter, more devoted, caring community than most other places on Earth. We're definitely more entertaining than anything on tv. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Happens to my MOM all the time. I know exactly what you mean by the cocked head look. But once she explains it..... well OK there is still more raised eyebrows, but then some are won over and can see how great Blogville is.

  8. WOOHOOOO Draw your own PEEPS is gonna be awesome heehee! And no, no one understands us, apart from the other humans we live with! But i'm sure when they see all the cute pictures they'll change their mind!
    I think it is quite amazing that blogville organised an event that is international and joined bu hundreds of pets worldwide!!!
    Lots of Slobber,
    Indigo the Great Dane!

  9. Some people just don't understand Blogville at all. We get crazy looks when we tell people we have a dog blog. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  10. Finn....
    I have not explained Blogville to anybody. I should try that sometime. Yep. I should!! They already know the truth about me, being that I am weird and somewhat crazy, so.... Why not? Hee, hee, hee.... ;-}
    I agree completely with Sarge: "Blogville is a much sweeter, more devoted, caring community than most other places on Earth.". So true, so true, SO TRUE!! It is mind-blowing to me that Blogville not only accepts weird and crazy, but we embrace weird and crazy!! For the first time in my life, I have found someplace where I actually fit in!! It is incredible.... ;op

  11. OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS... you should have been with my mom the day she was sitting around with 10 wimmen.. who all had MASTER Degrees in EDUCATION.. and one asked about ME (Frankie Furter).. not thinking.. mom said.. well, he is Running fur MAYOR.. One said.."MAYOR?????? Mayor of WHAT??" and that is how BLOGVILLE actually got its NAME... Mom said.. "Well, I guess a NAME is in order. I guess we need to call it BLOGville." AND POOF !! A Town of like minded (or simple minded) folks was BORN. On my very next post... I said that the Votes had been counted and that I (Frankie Furter) had been elected.. Mayor of BLOGville!! Of course... Puddles was NOT to be outdone... SHE Elected herself... GOVERNOR. BaaaaaWaaaah THAT girrrrrl just cracks me UP.
    So now you have the HISTORY of Blogville's Settlement. And it has GROWN to become the most amazing Community in the entire UNIVERSE..
    BUTT thank our lucky furs.. it is NOT located on any Map or even a GPS... that keeps out the ... ummmmmmm Squirrels of the World.. who just DON'T GET IT. I'm just sayin.

  12. PeeS... about that group of Wimmen... believe it or not.. they are all still furends with mom. She was with 6 of them just YESTERDAY.. and ONE actually asked.. "So how are things in BLOGVILLE?". Mom whipped out her camera and said... CHECK out my BOYS.. Trainin fur the Blogville Olympics.. THAT stopped the meeting and caused like 87 mins. of non stop Laffin.
    as POSIE would say... Eeeeeets TROOOOOOOOOOOO
    All that Education in those heads... and they just MIGHT be LEARNIN a new thingy.

  13. I think it can be a Internet thing too. My Mom and MIL get the doggy grandkids thing. My Mom always had dogs when we were kids and her current dog is the more pampered than any of her human children or grandchildren.

    However, the Internet thing isn't quite as clear to them. Then again I don't do FB, but I do understand those who do. One of my nieces asked me for the link of events so she could follow the event when I was talking about it this weekend. She also started following another blog dog blog after I described stuff that interested her.

    However, it is a different generation that is more into social media than previous generations have been.

  14. I don't try to explain, it's like my little secret that keeps me happy when the world is all falling apart "out there." :) My mom does read my blog though, and she loves it.

  15. Our Mom is sitting here smiling and nodding with all you experienced. She just doesn't get into much about stuff with her nonblogging pals. Dad used to think it was very strange, but now he gets and just thinks Mom has lost it :)

    Woos - The OP Pack

  16. MOL MOL MOL!!! Finn Mom and I truly know what you mean.
    Most of the folks we know have pets but we are the only ones with a blog. Mom remembers when she started telling folks about our blog. She rec'd some strange looks too. Her immediate response would NOT believe how many animal blogs there are and how much fun we have. She half way expects them to pet her on the head and say nice girl. MOL But anywho we have decided it makes up happy and that is all that matters. Several of our friends stalk our blog and are always telling us they like it so it is our opinion they might be just a tad jealous.

    Hugs from your BFFF

  17. Oh boy! I have lots of people give me that "look" and then they just say, "Ah, yeah, that's nice" and then change the subject. So many people think my conversation should always be about my kids, or grandkids and not the dogs or blogville. I know they think it's all a little "strange". LOL!

  18. Paw bless you! We find even Daddy2Legs looks at Mummy2Legs this way (she does my typing) - he is all on understanding the scenario and reading the posts (just as well as we do like to make fun of him in some of them!) - we find ourselves walking around the shops thinking about some of you guys here and even looking at other 4Legs on the off chance we'd recognise somebody - though how we would introduce ourselves I do not know, especially if I was not here and it was just Mummy2Legs - "Hi, its me, BordoggyTerrier - ha ha - mad!) - it is all our little guilty pleasure, though we do our best to keep telling everyone about it, whether they like it or not! and at least your Momma knew of your girlfriend - Gruff Respect, its a start to converting them! Love Barnie x

  19. We had the "Ah playing with dolls again are we" like we are having a senior moment or we have imaginary friends. Sometimes we are in the closet about my blog.
    Thanks for being a friend,
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. Ive never discussed it with my mom, my Dad liked the blog (he passed away in January), my aunts and uncles I rarely see and dont know. My friends know and think it is just more evidence that I am NUTS! (but I think in a good way)

    urban hounds

  21. Howdy All some of our friends and family know and at first thought I was a little coo coo in the head but now they all check out what's happening and it's just 'mum's thing'. The best thing was when we exchanged Christmas cards and everyone was amazed by how many the dogs received. I have loved Blogville from the beginning when we were accepted and welcomed with open arms from people all around the world. The support through some bad times and the excitement when we have good times is just amazing. We love you all. No worries, and love, Carol

  22. omdawg - this had my peep laughing! once my peep was telling someone (ok - pretty much anyone) all about blogville and twitterville and they definitely thought anyone who would blog or tweet as a dog has completely lost it:)

    their loss, my peep says!

    dogs know everything - Right Finnacles?

  23. My peeps dont really know about Blogville. I rather they didn't! Only my mom knows but I agree with Scrappy!

  24. Oh, yes Finn...they hear me talk about Blogville and Blogger pals, but I do get that "What...???" look! Then they sort of act like they know what I'm talking about, but I really don't think so!

  25. Some of our immediate family knows I have a blog, the kids are fascinated while the adults are hmmm not so much. No one from mom's work know I have a blog, she's concerned she might be labeled weirdo. They probably think she is anyway as she's the only one in her work (a little over 100 employees) that has a wall full of birthday, christmas, easter pictures of a four legged kid.

  26. Woof! Woof! Can totally relate ... happens to my mom all the time. lately since we moved we have been very selective to tell that I have a blog. Some people just does not understand it ... not sure why? Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  27. Oh they think mom is nuts big time, as most of them don't go on the internet, so they haven't a glue. Other friends find it funny that I don't realy talk to them when they see me!!! When I went to Frankie Wedding, dad went down the pub without me and said I was in Chicargo they looked a little shocked. The next week one of the locals came up to him and said was he readlly there!!!
    Please take any photo you like, just let me know you have so I dont have to email you one, as I would hate to miss the dead line :)
    Thanks George xxx
    Can't wait

  28. Usually, my humans are considered crazy. I on the other hand, explain that I am a social butterfly and love making friends. :) Although, I've had to explain my online flirting quite a few times.... aw well.

    P.S. I'm having a contest, come check it out!

  29. Don't start me with that discussion ^^. I always hesitate talking about that with friends. I'm sure my mom had the same reaction as yours. I am glad my sister has a more open mind when I discuss my adventures in the Blogville community.

    A little awhile ago, I opened my phone to show my friend my niece's picture and they noticed how most of the pictures I had were about Peanuts and Chooey.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  30. To be honest my mom person usually doesn't even get around to Blogville. Once she gets to pet blogs, their eyes glaze over and she knows she has lost them!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  31. Haha I have not yet explained Blogville olympics to anyone because I don't really understand it completely either hahaha

  32. They need to get a life, or at least get in training. You might have just put me off a jump there by making me laugh :-) Ah, your gonna have to catch up yer know :-)
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X and co. :-) X X X

  33. Oh, yeah!
    My mom knows about that! Everybody thinks my mom is crazy!
    But not my Grandma... she knows about Blogville and really enjoys it!
    Kisses and hugs

  34. "She isn't really a dog fan, but she understands that Finn is the grandchild I have produced for her, so she plays along."

    Funniest line ever. I am sure Finn is more famous than the human grand

  35. Momma does that sometimes. Luckily she mostly does it to other crazy dog people, even though they're not in Blogville, so it's okay. In fact, our rescue got so excited by Momma's stories of the Blogville Olympics that we're going to do our very own Olympics on Facebook!

  36. Oh, yes yes yes. Pretty much everyone who knows I'm involved in this dog blogging thing thinks I'm completely insane.

  37. Best to give them a blog calling card and leave them speechless, works for me.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


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