Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Events for August 2nd!

Thursday 2nd August

Bert:  Pole Jumping

Head on over and check them out!  I am a master at stick collecting and chewing, so I am expecting my highest marks today!  And I am so excited to see the pole jumping!  I am a little afraid of heights - it might have something to do with Momma and Pops letting me roll off their bed when I was a wee pup, but they seem to think not.  Just sayin'.  See you all there!


  1. Each day is pawsome.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Finn Girrrrl... I am going to have a BIG meeting with SARGE to see if we can't get a Plan of Action going... to fix this TRAFFIC Snarl... Before your Grand Finale. We BELIEVE that Squirrels are trying to MESS Us UP due to being all green with Jellyness over OUR OLYMPICS. OK?

  3. Finn you are a super Gold Medal winning in Sticks. What form and technique.

  4. We loved the pole jumping, but Mom wouldn't let us participate in the stick thing. You did really well in it.

  5. ALready was spectating at the stick event - the music and athletes were all so inspiring - including you!

    Hope you are enjoying the events from the inside.

    Those of us on the outside sure are!

  6. We are loving the olympics on TV and on the blogs, it's hard to know which event to watch!!

    I hope you are doing well, and I hope you enjoy your Thursday!

  7. Thanks Finn! You sure stay on top of things

  8. Finn
    I thought you wewe extwaowdinawily wondewful in that stick competishun today. A winning scowe fow shoowe!!!!!
    As fow not fitting on my Vespa, Pshaw! Of couwse you would fit. If Mango can, so coold you and I woold nevew leave you behind if you needed a wide
    Mango sat on the handlebaws, so we coold have used the extwa weight in the back, hehehe
    We almost tipped ovew
    See you at the games
    Smoochie kisses

  9. Love you Finn!
    Brad, Pepper,Quisp,Pina & Roccco :)

  10. Excellent form while chewing your stick, Finn!

  11. Hope y'all are enjoying the Olympics!

  12. Thanks for the links. My boys and I have really been enjoying the Olympics this year.


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