Saturday, April 23, 2011


I should probably start out by saying that I am a brand new pet-owner.  Growing up, I didn't have any sort of pet - no dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, gerbil, ferret, anything.  I'm sure between the ages of five-ten I probably begged my parents to let me get one of something, but they said no.  It's ok, I didn't have any major emotional scarring from it  :)

So, that being said, all these things that Finn's going through for the first time, I am going through for the first time too!

During the week, the license from our county came, and I took off Finn's collar to put it on.  I then noticed that my little puppy owned more bling than I did.  She's got her license bling, her if-I-am-lost-scan-my-chip bling, her rabies bling and her I-am-one-day-old-and-a-girl-so Mommy-bought-me-a-faux-diamond-studded-name-plate bling...

...not to mention her blingy bling collar that we bought her because the first collar we bought her was too big!  (She's on the last hole, a couple of more weeks and she'll grow into the bigger one.)

All that being said, I'm thinking it's time for Finn's Momma to get some new bling too!  I'm a little jealous!! 


  1. Spoiling our goldens is just one of the best parts of the experience, so you are on the right track! Penny wasnt much of a pink gal, she seemed like a tomboy, and looked better in purple or green. As a new dog owner, was wondering how Finn is taking to having her teeth brushed. It can be awkward at first. Our goldens loved the doggy toothpaste, and you could brush till the cows came home!
    Get her started early, bc it can really decrease the number of times you may have to have them cleaned by vet over a lifetime. (Heh I was a dentist, so yeah, a little obsessed!)
    Anyways, Happy Easter, looks like you are having so much fun with her!!

  2. We are having a lot of fun! Can you recommend a good toothpaste?

  3. Looooove the bling! And I will say that my daughter has more clothes than I could ever even dream of, so the bling thing is totally normal! :)
    P.S. Not even a fish???

  4. Ooooh, Mom says she loves your sparkly pink collar! We couldn't keep that pretty for two seconds :)

    The Road Dogs


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