Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finn Kept Momma Company at Work Today... she has done many times before!  But today as I was looking around, I glanced at my blanket that I bought in Mexico ten years ago, and I thought I'd ask for some advice too...

January 2011
As you can see, I had to move my blanket up a few more shelves because she goes sniffing for more books to munch on.  I use that sour apple spray whenever I catch her munching on something she shouldn't, which isn't that often, but it never seems to work on my bookcase...any suggestions?



  1. The sour apple spray never worked for Penny; she would look surprised for a moment, then keep on eating the forbidden object anyway!! I even tried spraying vinegar, spices, didnt matter. She loved it all. Her whole life she would eat chunks of grass with the dirty roots attached (her favorite) and sticks, almost compulsively, and nothing would stop her. I could never just let here hang out in the yard alone...she would have consumed it!! Hopefully your little one will just outgrow the book chewing!

  2. I hope so, thank you for comment! Finn loves grass too, and wood chips.

  3. The only thing that ever worked for Charlie was "N-O-!" and reinforcement by moving him away/off the forbidden object. ... except for sticks - he still eats sticks no matter what I say... :)

  4. Ah! Finn! Nice to meet you! Such a cutie! You've found some fantastic places to explore, and love the post about the run just behind where you live, great for letting the energizer bunny out!
    Mom gave me the nickname of "snaggletooth" aka "snaggy" as I've had the big, chew-on- everything stage! Ice cubes and bully sticks were a fun substitute....
    Come by for a visit if ya like! :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose


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