Saturday, April 30, 2011

SouthHaven County Park

I took a random day off in the middle of the week and decided Finn needed to get out (read: I needed to get out.)  So, we headed down to South Haven County Park; you can find them here.  In 2009, the county's fine legislators voted to make it dog-friendly.  Thank you!

Our day started out nice enough, and took this picture laughing to myself, "Finn's definitely on the leash, but I'm not too sure about being under control, but we're working on that."

So, off we go for a little walk....

Nice trails   

Big lake

When we got to the lake, I thought Finn would be interested in jumping right in, but she was a little hesitant!  Maybe it's that slime...

She walked around the edges for a while and then gently made her way in.  I think all the quacking and ducks had made her curious.

Well, we continued on our walk, when we UNLEASHED DOG.  Now, I am walking little Finn and this dog comes sprinting at us from across what is essentially an RV field.  I scoop up my 35 pound dog and hold her while the owner takes his sweet time walking up to us to get his dog back.  Now, I get it, the other dog wants to sniff and be friends, but in the meantime, he's climbing all over me, all over my dog, and I am getting really annoyed.  When the owner finally made his way over, I ripped him a new one and we got back in the car.  I mean, c'mon mister!  I was so miffed!  Finn however, was psyched to sniff all things, people, and other doggies new...

so I would probably make my way back there again, but I've got my eye out for you Buddy (what I affectionately called the other owner  :) ... you know who you are!!

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  1. Looks like a fun excursion but i know what you mean about unknown and unleashed dogs running at you. There were only certain routes I used to take bc some houses just let their dogs run off the lawn.
    Really scary, because who knows if they are friendly, or have fleas, etc. My dog always seemed to handle it better than me... I've yelled at my share of owners to hurry up and get their dog away or off of us. Most were friendly encounters but it would only take one bite not to be. So annoying, bc that can really stress out your lovely walk. But isnt it fun as she explores new things!


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