Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Events for August 1st!

Wednesday 1st August

Mona and Weenie:  Tongue Curling/Raspberry and Critter Stalking
Pip:  Discus / Frisbee

Head on over and check them out!!

Yesterday I must have pulled an ab muscle or something, so I am thrilled I am only entered in the tongue curling today!  We athletes can't over extend ourselves, you know!


  1. Another great day! Please stop by my place for refreshments. We have beer and cheetos, fried squirrel and beer cheese dip. Puddles has been busy deading squirrels to help. Stop by and rest between all the events.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Cute! This is much better then the human olympics

    urban hounds

  3. Have a good day and hope you are enjoying the Olympics both animal and human.
    Best wishes Molly.

  4. OMD OMD FINN I hope you have plenty of ICE and ask your trainer fur some NICE LONG MASSAGE Sessions. You Deserve it!!!

  5. Yeah, best not to over-extend yourself -- and pace yourself! A good athlete knows when to rest, BOL.

  6. finn
    I'm sending emewgency healing smoochies fow youw pulled muscle
    so glad you got to west except fow cuwling youw tongue
    I'm off to see today's events
    good luck!
    smoochie kisses

  7. Take it easy, remember pace is everything! Bol!

    Dante, Daisy Boo & Sampson

  8. I finally had a chance to check some events out. Great fun!

  9. Absolutely, it is important to rest between events and eat lots of yummy treats!

    Your pal, Pip


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